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Sea Breeze Marine

Installation • Maintenance • Repair 

Serving South Florida Since 1980


Our expert technicians professionally install all marine air conditioning brands and make sure you get the absolute best service. 


We offer comprehensive maintenance that should be performed yearly to ensure your air conditioning system is operating correctly.


When looking for marine air repair in South Florida, the Sea Breeze Marine team can help diagnosis and repair your boat A/C and refrigeration.

Ronan Bray, FL

"Incredibly honest, fair prices and does impeccable quality work.

What else can you ask for?"

"This team does a great job.

No excuses, no wasting time, just straightforward and direct problem solving on the schedule promised. Well done and thank you for solving my marine aircon issues."

Jeff Fischer,

Master Marine Mgt, FL

"John and the team at Sea Breeze are great and reliable. I manage 10 yachts in South Florida and would be lost without them (and hot)."

Mika Moore, FL

"Awesome company.

They are amazing at their work.

They’re so friendly and they do the job just right, at amazing prices. I would totally recommend this company to anyone."

Are you tired of sweltering heat and humidity during your boating trips, or worried about keeping your food and drinks fresh and cool on long voyages?


A marine air conditioning and refrigeration system can be the solution to your problems! 

With the Sea Breeze Marine team's help, you can stay cool and refreshed, even in the hottest and most humid conditions, and keep your food and drinks fresh and cool for the duration of your voyage.

Invest in a marine air conditioning and refrigeration system today and experience the comfort, convenience, and peace of mind that comes with having a reliable and efficient cooling system on board.

We'll help you stay cool on the water with new installation, repair and maintenance services.

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